Welcome! My name is Jamie and I am the owner and founder of Paws & Play, LLC.

I am a Connecticut native who recently returned from living in NC, MA, and MD. Although I had the incredible opportunity to move around quite a bit for both professional and personal endeavors, I am back in the Nutmeg state for good! I could not be more thrilled to be “home” and in close proximity to my family again.

Here’s a brief background about me: I have been caring for pets for over 17 years , but mostly just for friends and family. I had my own black and tan Dachshund, Frankie, growing up, and my love for dogs has only increased from that point on. I have now been a professional pet-sitter for about 4 consecutive years, and in October 2018 I took the exciting leap into starting my own business; the leap that I quickly found I was destined to make.

Caring for dogs is in my blood; I have an innate ability to connect with dogs that surprises even myself. I also hold myself to exceptionally high standards, which allows for the best care possible for your fur babies, when you’re unable to care for them yourself. Whether you’re going on a family trip, or celebrating your best friends’ wedding, or attending a graduation for a special person in your life: you’re going to need someone to hold down the fort. Cue Paws & Play! 


Taylor, Team Member

Hi! My name is Taylor and I am a Team Member with Paws & Play, LLC. 

I am originally from Ohio but have been living in Connecticut for the past several years. I have always had a passion for animals as well as being a caregiver so several years ago I decided to pair those passions, along with my love of math and science, and become a Veterinary Technician. 

I started out right away working in the Emergency room and Intensive Care Unit. I absolutely loved working in a clinical setting helping animals and comforting and educating their owners. 

After several years I took a job as an Internal Medicine Technician. Internal Medicine Veterinarians typically see patients with chronic (on-going) issues that need to be managed by a specialist. Most days, we were seeing people’s pets for the first time and diagnosing them with an illness that would either be life-long or would be a long road to recovery. With these new diagnoses comes a plethora of questions from the owners. With our very busy schedule, I began to feel like I needed and wanted more time to answer these questions, listen to their concerns and educate them on their pets’ recent diagnoses. It is a lot of information all at once and I wished I could have given all of them as much time as they needed during their appointments to help them better understand and digest. 

I began to seek out an outlet that would allow me to be resource of information independent of a clinical setting. Someone that could be available to come and meet you on your own time. When I was approached by Jamie about joining the Paws & Play team it seemed to be the perfect fit. I am so excited for the opportunity to help expand her services and provide specialized pet care, especially for those fur babies that may need a little extra love and attention. I look forward to meeting you and becoming another source of education and comfort—wherever and whenever you need it! 


*All staff are required to pass a background check before starting work. If you’d like to schedule a time to meet with us, please refer to the contact page.*


Jamie, Owner and Founder